Your strong Logistics' link
TAURUS. Your reliable logistics partner with strong and loyal network in India and across the globe. Formerly known as Translink Services, started in 1988, It was incorporated in 1997 as Taurus Forwarders Pvt. Ltd...more

From the Indian Sub-continent
While Taurus Forwarders Pvt. Ltd. was busy building a strong logistics' chain in India and abroad, the Indian economy was gradually changing and inevitably moving towards the paradigm shift from being a closely controlled economy to a liberalised, open and ever advancing global economy. In such an economic scenario, Taurus is strategically placed to be your reliable and efficient logistics partner...more global destinations
Taurus Forwarders Pvt. Ltd is ably supported by its network of global agents/ associates that complete the overseas logistics' links to a wide range of destination ports with an inland haulage edge to various hinterland destinations...more
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